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Giant Ocean Tank - April 2, 2020
Virtual Visit: Giant Ocean Tank Dive

Take a deep dive into our 200,000-gallon Giant Ocean Tank, a Caribbean coral reef exhibit, with our diver John. ...

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Giant Ocean Tank - March 23, 2020
Virtual Visit: Inside the Giant Ocean Tank

Watch the fish swim around the Giant Ocean Tank in this relaxing video. ...

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Giant Ocean Tank - March 17, 2020
Giant Ocean Tank - March 16, 2020
Facebook Live: Feeding Myrtle

Taylor is joined by Aquarist Lyndsay Phenix at the top of the Giant Ocean Tank to feed Myrtle the green sea turtle. ...

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Aquarium Animals - February 13, 2020
I Spy With My Little Eye … the Smallest Fish in the Giant Ocean Tank

Among the hundreds of animals living in the Giant Ocean Tank (GOT), there are a few species of fish that are so small they often go unnoticed by visitors. Less than 6 inches in length, the damselfish...

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Aquarium Animals - January 31, 2020
New Residents in the Giant Ocean Tank

We just welcomed four new fishes into our Giant Ocean Tank! A scrawled filefish, yellowtail parrotfish, spotfin butterfly fish, and great barracuda were part of a transport on Thursday afternoon. ...

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At the Aquarium - October 9, 2019
Night and Day in the Giant Ocean Tank

At 8 a.m. each day, the night lighting above the Giant Ocean Tank transitions to daylight, during which time there is a beautiful blue hue that lasts for a few minutes. The GOT's lighting replicates...

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At the Aquarium - September 5, 2019
Rainforests of the Sea

Coral reef communities are vital to ocean health, but they're also threatened by climate change, pollution, and other human activities. ...

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From the President - August 29, 2019
Harborside Chat on the Giant Ocean Tank

Every month, New England Aquarium President and CEO Vikki Spruill takes to Facebook Live for a casual conversation with a member of our team. For her August 29, 2019, Harborside Chat, Vikki spoke...

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At the Aquarium - July 31, 2019
Shark Scavenger Hunt

Every week is Shark Week at the New England Aquarium. Follow the rhymes and see if you can spot every shark we have to offer! ...

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Giant Ocean Tank - July 18, 2019
At the Aquarium - May 15, 2019
Guest Diver Spotlight: Anna Oposa

Marine Conservation Action Fund Fellow Anna Oposa, Founder and "Chief Mermaid" of Save Philippine Seas, became the first MCAF Fellow to dive in the Aquarium's Giant Ocean Tank. ...

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Aquarium Animals - May 3, 2018
Oooo, Barracuda!

Come visit the new great barracuda in our Giant Ocean Tank exhibit! ...

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Aquarium Animals - June 23, 2016
Myrtle Loves Shell Scratches

Did you know our sea turtles get back scratches? Sometimes the divers offer scratches, and sometimes the turtles take measures into their own flippers. ...

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