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Aquarium Animals - January 31, 2019
At the Aquarium - January 1, 2019
Is That Tank Big Enough?

Some of the animals at the New England Aquarium are BIG. So how do we know that our tanks are the right size? Find out here. ...

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Aquarium Animals - November 2, 2018
Aquarium Animals - July 12, 2018
Two Octopus in the Olympic Coast Exhibit

There are two octopus in our Olympic Coast Sanctuary exhibit. But it's a special day when you get to see them both out and about! ...

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Aquarium Animals - June 20, 2018
Behind the Scenes: Octopus Feeding

For these intelligent cephalopods, feeding time is about more than getting food. It's also time to socialize! ...

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Aquarium Animals - March 19, 2018
New Arrival: Giant Pacific Octopus

A new giant Pacific octopus just settled into the Olympic Coast exhibit. Watch him explore his new home! ...

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Aquarium Animals - November 1, 2017
New Giant Pacific Octopus

Our new octopus is named Freya, partly after the Ice Queen from a popular action-adventure film. Senior Aquarist Bill Murphy says she's definitely living up to her name. ...

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Aquarium Animals - January 4, 2017
When are the octopus active?

Many people wonder when the giant Pacific octopus are most active. Let's ask the aquarist! ...

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In the News - December 28, 2016
Frozen octopus takes hold of Front Plaza

Come see the 15,000-pound octopus ice sculpture that has our Front Plaza in its chilly grip. The icy representation of a giant Pacific octopus and its habitat was created for New Year’s revelers...

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