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Anderson Cabot Center Research - August 4, 2022
Anderson Cabot Center Research - May 12, 2022
Size Matters: New Study Reveals Smaller Female North Atlantic Right Whales Have Fewer Calves

Scientists from the New England Aquarium’s Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life coauthored a new study published this week in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series that builds on earlier...

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Anderson Cabot Center Research - January 31, 2022
Whalewatcher Special Issue

The Journal of the American Cetacean Society, "Whalewatcher" has released a special issue titled Right Whales at Risk, edited by Peter Corkeron, Senior Scientist and Chair of the Kraus Marine Mammal...

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Anderson Cabot Center Research - October 25, 2021
Right Whale Population Declines for 10th Straight Year

Scientists estimate there are just 336 North Atlantic right whales left in the world. The species struggles due to entanglement, vessel strikes, and the shifting of food sources due to climate...

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Beyond the Aquarium - September 24, 2021
The New England Aquarium’s Podcast Playlist

How do sharks mate? What is the difference between land and sea turtles? Why are scientists studying whale hormones? All of these questions and more get answered in the New England Aquarium's Podcast...

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Anderson Cabot Center Research - February 15, 2021
Meet the newest North Atlantic Right Whale Mother and Calf Pairs

December through March is calving season for North Atlantic right whales. This year has been special for the critically endangered right whales because of the number of calves and first-time...

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Aquarium Animals - May 16, 2019
Protecting Endangered Species

The New England Aquarium and our Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life are dedicated to keeping the ocean healthy and helping endangered species not just survive, but thrive. ...

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Aquarium Animals - May 10, 2019
A Tribute to Moms

This Mother's Day weekend we wanted to highlight some of the Aquarium's favorite aquatic moms. ...

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