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At the Aquarium - February 21, 2020
First Friday Facebook Live: Staying Warm

Nick and Taylor visit the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center to talk about how marine mammals stay warm in the winter. ...

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Aquarium Animals - May 13, 2018
Tipper’s First Mother’s Day

Ron the sea lion puppy was born last July, which means it's Tipper's first Mother's Day! ...

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Aquarium Animals - June 30, 2017
Red, White, and Blue Enrichment

Enrichment comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. This weekend, it looks pretty red, white, and blue! ...

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Marine Mammals - February 17, 2017
Pinniped Plunge

Ever wonder what it’s like watching the seals from inside the exhibit in their habitat? Take a look at some video of our seals and sea lions hanging out underwater. ...

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Aquarium Animals - January 27, 2017
Hot Tub Enrichment Time

The seals and sea lions are often offered new toys and experiences as part of their enrichment program. See how they reacted to a kiddy pool of warm water! ...

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Marine Mammals - September 26, 2016
Even Seals Need Manicures

Some of our seals need their nails trimmed, some don't. Learn more pedicures for pinnipeds! ...

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