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Aquarium Animals - February 1, 2019
Return of the Seadragons

Our amazing and crowd-favorite weedy seadragons have returned to a refurbished tank in the Temperate Waters Gallery on Level 2. ...

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Aquarium Animals - February 12, 2018
Seadragon Journey: The Layover

Several new weedy seadragons are heading to Boston. But first, they had a layover in California for a little rest and a nibble to eat. Our aquarists were there to greet them. ...

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Beyond the Aquarium - February 8, 2018
The Journey of the Seadragons

That camouflage, those colors—it's no surprise that seadragons are a favorite of visitors to the Aquarium. We're working on bringing even more to this popular exhibit. Come learn about the long...

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