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Sea Turtle Rescue - July 11, 2019
Successful Release of Six Sea Turtles

It was a summertime send-off on Cape Cod on Wednesday as six rehabilitated sea turtles were successfully released back into the wild. ...

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Beyond the Aquarium - August 14, 2018
Last Sea Turtle Release

On Tuesday morning, six of the world’s most endangered sea turtles were carried down a Cape Cod beach cloaked in a late summer fog by volunteers who had either rescued or cared for them. ...

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Sea Turtle Rescue - July 2, 2018
Sea Turtles Released Sporting High-Tech Gadgets

Five large, rescued sea turtles were released back into the ocean this morning equipped with some high technology to help marine biologists track their travels and unravel the mystery of where they...

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Sea Turtle Rescue - March 9, 2017
Six Sea Turtles Released

Ahead of late winter snow storms, six rescued sea turtles had the right idea. ...

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