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Previous Presentations:

  1. Two California Sea Lions

    Frequently Asked Questions with Marine Mammals

    The second video of this audience-inspired series!

  2. juvenile AFrican penguins

    Penguin Nesting Behavior

    Join aquarist Brenden as he walks you through penguin courtship and the penguin species survival plan.

  3. baby cuttlefish rests on gravel

    Cuttlefish Babies

    Educator Taylor takes you behind the scenes of the Tropical Gallery to introduce you to the baby cuttlefish we are raising here at the Aquarium!


At-Home Projects and Activities:

We typically provide these projects and activities as tools for educators, but we are excited to now offer these resources to families, as well. Please note, these activities might need some modifications when doing them at home.

  1. Octopus swims through its tank

    Aquarium Animal Challenge

    Pick your favorite Aquarium animal and do some research about it!

    Try it!
  2. Sebastian North Atlantic right whale

    North Atlantic Right Whale Matching Exercise

    The North Atlantic Right Whale Catalog allows anyone to try their hand at identifying individual right whales based on their natural markings.

    Try it!
  3. seahorse for dive in hero

    Seahorse – Camouflage Craft

    Learners will understand how body color, patterns, and shape aid in camouflage.

    Try it!
  4. Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Exhibit

    Building a Coral Reef

    This lesson encourages learners to create
    models of the various aspects of a coral reef for

    Try It!
  5. a loggerhead sea turtle makes its way to the ocean after it was released on a Cape Cod beach

    Turtle Tracking

    Explore how the New England Aquarium rescue team helps stranded sea turtles.

    Try it!
  6. Aquarium staff member talks with child at Science under the Sun

    Become a Citizen Scientist

    Spend time outside observing your surroundings for science!

    Try it!
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    Additional Educational Resources