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Current Presentation: Indo-Pacific Reef

Related Activity: Coral Reef Color Match

Next Presentation: Wednesday, April 8, 11:00 a.m.


Previous Presentations:

  1. rockhopper penguin

    Southern Rockhopper Penguins

    Enjoy a #SundayFunday visit with our southern rockhopper penguins.

  2. garden eels

    Drawing Garden Eels

    Learn fun facts about garden eels and step-by-step instructions on how to draw these seafloor dwellers.

  3. harbor seal getting tooth brushing

    Harbor Seal Tooth Brushing

    Harbor seal Reggae gets some dental care!


At-Home Projects and Activities:

We typically provide these projects and activities as tools for educators, but we are excited to now offer these resources to families, as well. Please note, these activities might need some modifications when doing them at home.

  1. shark wall

    Shark Diet Memory Match

    Use the cards to play this game of memory with various shark species.

    Try It!
  2. Tidepool Aerobics

    Get up and get moving like some of your favorite tide pool friends.

    Try it!
  3. Giant Ocean Tank Census

    Follow these instructions to help us identify and count the residents of the Giant Ocean Tank.

    Try it!
  4. retread loggerhead sea turtle

    Turtle Shells

    Use items at home to craft your own sea 3D turtle shell.

    Try it!
  5. american lobster

    Cut and Stick Lobster

    Learn about lobster anatomy by making a cut-and-stick lobster!

    Try it!
  6. Seal paints on canvas

    Paint like a Sea Lion

    See if you can paint the way a seal does, with no thumbs!

    Try it!
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