Many visitors, including school groups, come to the Aquarium via bus. Here is the parking information for buses; we also provide directions to the Aquarium.

Bus Drop-off and Pickup

Please use the designated turnaround for drop-off and pickup. There is a 10-minute window for dropping off or picking up visitors, so please coordinate with your bus driver.

Parking for Buses

While the Aquarium does not have its own bus parking facilities, we recommend:

Boston Autoport 

100 Terminal Street (2.3 miles from the Aquarium). Please call 617-242-2300 for current parking fees.

Directions: Travel to State Street to the first traffic light. Turn right onto Atlantic Avenue. Proceed north on Atlantic Avenue to a set of lights at the intersection with Causeway Street and North Washington Street, approximately one mile. At the intersection, turn right onto North Washington Street (you will drive over a small expansion bridge). At the first set of lights (City Square), turn right onto Chelsea Street. Follow Chelsea Street to the end, which positions you under the Tobin Bridge. Once under the bridge, you will travel over a small water channel. Once over the channel, you will see signs on a wood fence for Bus Parking. Turn right into the Mystic Pier 1 property and proceed to Station 1. Wait for attendant to sign in.