Every Friday in October, the Aquarium will be hosting night hours until 8 pm. Spend an evening with the penguins, fish, sea lions, and (of course) Myrtle the Turtle!

Be sure to reserve your tickets in advance and book an evening to see all 20,000 of our Aquarium residents, including some animals that are particularly active at night!

Review important safety guidelines before you visit.

Nocturnal Animals

Friday, October 2

The Aquarium will feature exhibit signs pointing out these nocturnal creatures and sharing fun facts about them!

sleepy loggerhead

Pajama Night

Friday, October 9

Wear your PJs and find out how fish and other marine animals sleep.

Atlantic salmon

Sustainable Seafood Night

Friday, October 16

Collect recipe cards around the building and learn how to choose sustainable seafood.

yellow and black poison dart frog

Ecosystems Sounds

Friday, October 23

Hear different ecosystems over the sound system.

pumpkin in Giant Ocean Tank Fish Fun and Fright 2017

Haunted Aquarium

Friday, October 30

Wear a costume, see jack-o-lanterns in the tanks, and listen to spooky music!