See northern fur seals, California sea lions, and Atlantic harbor seals glide and dart through the water in their open-air environments.

Watch their playful behavior and unique personalties, and learn about the challenges facing marine mammals in the wild when you experience Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker, playing in our newly renovated Simons Theatre, opening February 15.

Before setting foot in the Aquarium, say hello to the two families of Atlantic harbor seals in their 42,000-gallon exhibit located outside on the Front Plaza. Watch the seals swim, play, and sleep, and learn more about them during one of three free public training sessions.

Take time to visit the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center to see northern fur seals and California sea lions lounging on the deck, playing in the shallows, or zooming around the exhibit space. Witness a training session, offered several times a day, at which the Aquarium’s marine mammal trainers highlight the seals’ strength, intelligence, and athleticism.

Your ticket purchase helps fund cutting-edge research. Our Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life scientists are using fecal samples to study the hormones of our northern fur seals, helping us provide them with the best possible care. We also hope to use this research in wild populations of fur seals, some of which are facing drastic declines.

northern fur seal