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Aquarium Admission

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Aquarium and IMAX Combo Ticket

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Aquarium & Behind-the-Scenes Tour Combination

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Green sea turtle

Meet Myrtle

Come meet Myrtle the green sea turtle, our most famous resident! This encounter gives you a deep understanding of her home—the sparkling, four-story Giant Ocean Tank. Start with a personalized tour, spiraling up the exhibit’s ramp alongside staff members who know Myrtle and her tank-mates best. Buy tickets.

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Boston CityPASS

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Saving Sea Turtles movie poster

Saving Sea Turtles

Running time: 45 min.

Experience an extraordinary story of survival with hometown heroes coming together to save endangered sea turtles. This documentary brings you into the thick of rescue efforts during the record-breaking sea turtle stranding season of 2014. Tromp across blustery Cape Cod beaches with volunteers searching for cold-stunned sea turtles. Follow those flippered patients to the New England Aquarium’s Animal Care Center in Quincy, where they received world-class medical care at the hands of Aquarium rescuers and volunteers. 
Note: This film is not in IMAX 3D and does not require 3D glasses.  Buy tickets

Amazon Adventure 3D

Amazon Adventure 3D

Running time: 40 min.

Escape to the lush forests of the Amazon, where jaguars slink and colorful butterflies fly across the largest screen in New England. Amazon Adventure takes you back in time to follow a curious scientist in his quest to document the birth of a species. Buy tickets

Galapagos 3D cover

Galapagos 3D

Running time: 40 min.

There’s only one place on Earth where grinning iguanas claw their way along the seafloor alongside tropical penguins and the largest fish in the ocean. Go there with Galapagos 3D: Nature’s Wonderland on New England’s largest screen. Buy tickets

Great White Shark 3D cover

Great White Shark 3D

Running time: 40 min.

Get ready for a shark’s-eye view as you plunge straight into the underwater world of nature’s most renowned predator in Great White Shark 3D! See the science at work behind that fearsome toothy grin and discover the importance of this spectacular species. The entire family will enjoy an exhilarating experience that demonstrates how great white sharks are perfectly adapted hunters that play a crucial role in maintaining the health of our oceans. Skip the shark cage and explore our blue planet on the largest screen in New England. Buy tickets

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New England Aquarium Whale Watch

Join our crew of experienced naturalists and discover the world’s largest mammals, the great whales. View schedule & purchase tickets