Our Leadership

The New England Aquarium is run by a dedicated and diverse group of senior staff and governed by a Board of Trustees.


Vikki N. Spruill, President and CEO

Kim Fontes, Chief of Staff and Business Operations

Lauren Hunter-Dyson, Chief of People and Campus Operations

Letise LaFeir, Ph.D., Chief of Conservation and Stewardship

Barbara A. Bailey, Animal Care

Ferris Batie, Campus Operations and Facilities

John Mandleman, Ph.D., Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life

Suzanne Liola Matus, Marketing, Sales, and Visitor Experience

Katie McConnell, Organizational Effectiveness

Rick Musiol, Jr., Public Affairs and Strategic Partnerships

Elizabeth Scott, Development

Brian Walsh, Finance Planning and Analysis

Scott Hamer, Information Technology

Kathayoon Khalil, Ph.D., Conservation Learning

Emiley Lockhart, Ocean Sustainability, Technology, and Innovation

Jessica Redfern, Ph.D., Ocean Conservation Science

James Sutherland, Ph.D., Public Policy & Advocacy

Martin Cawsey, Controller

Carlen Arima, Talent & Culture Business Partner

Luz Arregoces, Community Engagement

Carolyn Barbo, Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life Operations

Meghan Bedsted, Visitor Experience

Jo Blasi, Conservation Learning

Annelise Conway, Development

Jordan Depenbrock, Facilities and Grounds

James Duffey, Design and Planning

Holli Flaherty, Special Projects and Fundraising Events

Nina Fischer, Ph.D., Environmental Quality

Della Grallert, Event Sales & Retail Partnerships

Kristen Greene, Financial Planning & Analysis

Melissa Joblon, Animal Health

Adam Kennedy, Rescue & Rehabilitation

Laura Lundstedt, Talent and Culture Operations

Kristen McMahon-Van Oss, Curator, Pinnipeds and Penguins

Victoria Minasian, Group Sales & Reservations

Michelle Muccini, Creative

Jennifer Pires, Development Operations

Pam Bechtold Snyder, Marketing and Communications

Sarah Reiter, Ocean Policy

Jessica Tantin, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Board of Trustees

David Altshuler

David Bechhofer

Barbara Burgess

Thomas R. Burton III, Chair

Linda N. Cabot

Jared A. Chase

Robert Chen, Ph.D.

John DeVillars

Lisa Dynner

Barbara Eisenson

Daniel S. Evans, Secretary & Clerk

Nick Good

Kathleen Healy

Timothy G. Healy

Pamela R. Holding

Alexander D. Leventhal

Raymond F. Mui

Anne B. Peacher

Brian Skerry

Samuel Slater

Vikki N. Spruill

Robert C. Trumbull, Ex-Officio

Governor Bill Weld

Peter O. Wilde

Caroline Alves

Robert Bannish

Cynthia A. Becton

Michael J. Bohnen, Esq.

Annie Bourne

George D. Buckley

W. Reed Chisholm

Paul W. DiMaura

Alan R. Dynner

Jennifer Eielson

Katharine B. Fagan

Jeffrey Gabriel

Dozier L. Gardner

Roy P. Giarrusso

Mark Hastings

Ann Hochberg

Danny Kalmar

Mary Alice Karol

Stephanie Kube

Douglas J. Lober

Michael Lorber

Alistair Lowe

Laurence P. Madin, Ph.D.

Michael E. Mooney

Brooke N. Muggia

Charles F. Nadler

Susan Panella

Brian Peltonen

Richard C. Pierce

Kitt Sawitsky

Jonathan F. Stone

James W. Taylor

Arnaud Tesson

Robert C. Trumbull, Chair

Michelle P. Vilms

George R. Baldwin

Maliz E. Beams

Henry P. Becton

Jacob F. Brown II

R. William Burgess Jr.

Anne T. Buttrick

Stephen T. Curwood

John J. Doyle Jr.

Sylvia A. Earle, Ph.D.

Jamie C. Fagan

Walter J. Flaherty

Walter J. Gamble

Dean Goodermote

Gale R. Guild

Harry A. Hanson III

Donna K. Hazard

Karl J. Hirshman

Lily Rice Hsia

Ogden Hunnewell

Jeffrey M. Hurst

Thomas B. King

Anne R. Lovett

William J. O’Neill Jr.

Scott Page

Stephen C. Peacher

Pamela Petri-Humphrey

Edward E. Phillips

Rudolph F. Pierce

Jeffrey H. Pierce

Mary T. Renner

Karen Foote Richards

Duncan W. Richardson

Bud Ris

Kathleen Sherbrooke

Richard Allan Soden, Esq.

Patricia R. Squire

Timothy L. Vaill

Louis J. Volpe