Boston Explores! Week 2

Even though we may be spending more time at home, there are still ways to explore nature! Boston Public Library and the New England Aquarium are collaborating to bring Boston families weekly challenges to connect with nature either from a window at home, or your local park!

By New England Aquarium on Friday, September 04, 2020

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Trees, shrubs, flowers, and bushes provide shelter and food for animals that live near us (maybe you saw a bird or a squirrel in a tree for our week 1 challenge!). Plants also provide oxygen for us to breath and act as a filter for our air. The ocean is also full of plants; one that is numerous and very tiny is phytoplankton, which also provides oxygen for us to breath, as well as food for lots of sea creatures like whales, shrimp, snails, and even jellyfish!


Observe plants in your neighborhood or close to home.

Materials Needed:

Pencil, paper, data sheet, and patience.

Optional Materials:

Camera, drawing materials, field ID, iNaturalist app

Photo Credit: Librarian Cindy at Fields Corner Branch of the Boston Public Library
Scientists ask lots of questions, try these out this week!
  • How many different shades of green did you notice?
  • Did you observe any other colors on the plants?
  • How many different types of plants did you notice?
    • – How many different types of plants can you identify?
    • – How many different types of trees can you identify by their bark?
  • How many different leaf shapes did you observe?
  • Did you observe any animals or insects using the plant for shelter or food?
  • Weeds are a type of plant that grow easily and where it is not wanted. Where is the oddest place you’ve seen a weed grow?

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Let’s Take Action for the Ocean Together

Membership, volunteering, advocating, or attending events are just a few of the ways you can join us in protecting the blue planet.