The New England Aquarium is committed to providing interactive and informative programming for students in homeschool programs.

Please check out our offerings and thank you for choosing us for your next homeschool field trip.

Homeschool Days

On Tuesdays between January 10 and March 28, 2023, the New England Aquarium invites homeschool families to take advantage of special pricing to visit the Aquarium. (Please note that the homeschool discount for admission is not valid on 2/21/23.)

Rates and Reservations

Homeschool families must purchase tickets at least one business day in advance by calling our Reservations Department at 617-973-5206 to receive the school rate of admission ($12.00 for children and $21.00 for adults). When you make your reservation at least one business day in advance via telephone, you are eligible to receive one free chaperone ticket per homeschool child who is visiting the Aquarium and purchasing a child ticket for admission

Homeschool Field Trip days will be available to book on January 16, 2023. To book your tickets, please call the Reservations Department at 617-973-5206.

Contact for more information.

Winter 2023 Homeschool Programs

Divers, sharks, and mammals will come alive during the Winter 2023 Homeschool Programs at the New England Aquarium!

On Tuesdays, January 31, February 28, and March 28, the Aquarium invites families who homeschool their children to visit and experience special programming.

Tuesday, January 31st: Giant Ocean Tank Divers
An educator and diver will talk at the top of the Giant Ocean Tank from 9:00 to 9:45 a.m. about the species that live in the four-story, 200,000-gallon tank where more than 1,000 marine animals call home.

Tuesday, February 28th: Shark Science
Enjoy early access to the Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank beginning at 9:00 a.m. A member of the Aquarium’s shark research team will share facts about sharks and answer questions from visitors about shark science, tagging, and more.

Tuesday, March 28th: Marine Mammals
An educator and marine mammal trainer will share the exciting world of seals and sea lions with visitors, providing biofacts and information about enrichment, feedings, animal well-being from 9:00 to 9:45 am. Then, visitors will join a harbor seal training session.


Please note that Aquarium admission tickets are required to participate in the homeschool programs.

$10.00 per child participant; $10.00 per adult participant

Chaperone (1 chaperone ticket per paid child participant): No charge

Make a Reservation

To book your tickets, please call Central Reservations at 617-973-5206.

Activities for Homeschoolers

Below, find activities to help you explore the Aquarium more deeply. These activities encourage content learning and improve science skills as well as support math and literacy development. You can choose to focus on ecology, ethology, or zoology, or focus on the skills practiced. Pick a focus area to guide your own experience through the Aquarium. Aquarium educators will be available to help you work on these investigations. Each activity includes a list of recommended materials to bring with you. A pencil and clipboard are always recommended.

  1. Aquarium Activities

    Topics and Skills




    Data and

    Communication and


    (study of ecosystems)

    Tank Expert

    Adaptation & Survival

    Dive Deeper

    Visit the Giant Ocean Tank (GOT)

    GOT Census & GOT Fishes Guide

    PIPA Blog
    Divers Blog

    (study of
    animal behavior)

    Follow One Animal

    Penguin Observations

    Seal Studies

    Penguin Distribution

    Seal Observations

    Shark Scientists Tools

    Secret Animal

    Training Vocabulary

    Training Blog


    (study of

    animal life)

    New England Adaptations
    Animal Adaptations guide 


    Shark Observation

    Life Drawing

    Fish mouths 
    Bony Fish (Bony Fish Guide, GOT Fishes Guide)
    Rescue Blog

    *Get at-home extensions for our Simons Theatre movies.

    *iNaturalist is a great free resource for identifying organisms you find in the field (you can even try your hand at helping others identify their finds!). Works on computer or mobile device.