Aquarium applauds signing of latest executive order addressing climate crisis


Circle of whales in open water

BOSTON, MASS. (January 27, 2021) – The New England Aquarium applauds President Biden’s bold action on climate change, which we agree is one of the greatest threats facing humanity, wildlife, and the health of our blue planet. In signing a sweeping executive order focused on climate within days of taking office, the President has signaled his commitment to prioritize climate change as the emergency it is.

At the Aquarium, we support a balanced use of the ocean. Our scientists conduct applied research to better understand the impacts of climate change and various industry uses on ocean animals and habitats. We use this science to inform ocean management, policy, and industry practices.

The ocean is key to life on Earth—it provides more than 50 percent of the oxygen in our atmosphere—as well as to the climate solution. It has absorbed more than 25 percent of the carbon dioxide and more than 90 percent of the excess heat produced by human-related activities. As a result, it is warming rapidly, losing biodiversity, and becoming a less reliable resource for the humans who depend on it.

This executive order includes several directives that will help the ocean, including a pause on new oil and gas development in offshore waters, a goal to double renewable energy production from offshore wind by 2030, and dictates that the federal government conserve 30 percent of federal land and ocean by 2030, known as 30×30. Science confirms the ocean is capable of healing itself, but to do so, we must set aside places to protect it from harmful human activity. They agree 30 percent is the minimum needed to give the planet an opportunity to restore itself and continue to sustain life. The Aquarium fully supports 30×30 and looks forward to supporting the Biden-Harris Administration achieve this goal by providing scientific evidence of the value of marine protected areas and continuing to educate our visitors about the need to protect the ocean.

The New England Aquarium joined with 20 aquariums across the country to support the Biden-Harris Administration’s actions to protect the ocean from climate change. The full statement can be read here.



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