Have you seen? There’s a new giant Pacific octopus exploring the Olympic Coast exhibit!

You’ll find Freya in the front part of the octopus display in the Northern Waters Gallery on Level 3. Sy has been moved to the tank in the back, where she is still quite visible. The exhibit is divided by a clear glass panel. Visitors can get a good look at the new octopus up front. Freya is much smaller than Sy, her skin flashes more vibrant colors, and she behaves much differently. She has been in the exhibit for more than a couple weeks now and it’s been fascinating to watch her settle in.

freya the giant Pacific octopus
Like cuttlefish, octopuses have the ability to change the color and texture of their skin. Watch Freya's skin change!
freya the giant Pacific octopus
She may be a giant Pacific octopus, but Freya still has a lot of growing to do.
freya and sy
You can really see the size difference between Freya (front) and Sy (back, against the glass panel)!

Aquarists started calling her Freya after the Ice Queen in a popular film, a name which now turns out to be quite apropos. The new arrival is not interested in interacting with the aquarists and volunteers yet. But she’s usually very easy to find in the exhibit as she rests close to the glass. Visitors have been wowed by the close-up views of this fascinating new arrival. Here are some quick snippets of Freya. 


Freya the Ice Queen

Sy’s previous tank-mate, Anna, died several months ago after laying a clutch of eggs. Female octopuses do not live long after they lay eggs. Many visitors are surprised to know that octopuses have short life spans, usually just three to five years. While we miss Anna, we look forward to many more years getting to know Freya.