The Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary protects 135 miles of shoreline along Washington State, continuing seaward as far as the continental shelf.


The Olympic Coast exhibit at the Aquarium was recently renovated and expanded to provide a home to many marine animals from this region of the Pacific Northwest.

Tidepool invertebrates include hermit crabs, sea stars, sea cucumbers, snails, and anemones. The Olympic Coast is also home to the giant Pacific octopus, the largest known species of octopus. Fishes include the wolf-eel, starry flounder, spotted ratfish, kelp perch, and Pacific spiny lumpfish.

partially opened scallop


This exhibit features marine life found in the shallower tidepools and kelp forests of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. The rocky tidepools flushed by cool Pacific Ocean swells line the water’s edge. Farther out, kelp forests give way to deep-sea canyons.

The Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary is home to a large variety of sea birds, marine mammals, fishes, and invertebrates, including the giant Pacific octopus.

Olympic Coast exhibit
Special thanks to the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund, and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation for supporting the renovation of this exhibit.