The Gulf of Maine stretches from Cape Cod to Canada and includes Boston Harbor and Stellwagen Bank. The water is cold but bursting with life. 

As you explore exhibits ranging from shore to deep-water boulder reefs and sandy seafloors, you will meet lobsters, cod, cold water sharks, and giant sea stars. 

The six Gulf of Maine exhibits cover more than half of the third level of the Aquarium, and contain more than 8,000 gallons of water.

front view of a red lobster hanging out at the bottom of its tank


Piping plovers, sanderlings, terns, and other New England shorebirds frolic in the shorebird exhibit. Giant sea stars and crabs live among boulders and caves while cod, halibut, and dogfish sharks swim over sand flats. Look closely to find the blue and the orange lobsters hiding in the rocks and rubble.


The Gulf of Maine encompasses almost all of New England’s marine environments, including Boston’s Harbor Islands and Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary. The habitats range from sandy and rocky beaches to the seafloor, which varies from huge jumbles of boulders and rocks to massive expanses of sand flats.