The Summer Teen Internship Program is a great opportunity for teens to challenge themselves and learn useful skills while having fun and meeting new friends.

The Aquarium offers paid summer internships for Boston, Cambridge and suburban youth for one week of training and six weeks of work.

(Due to decreased funding, we are unable to offer internships for residents outside of Boston and Cambridge at this time.)

Program Highlights

  • Extensive training in marine science, climate science, public speaking and customer service
  • Opportunities to gain many skills including time management and responsibility
  • One week of training and six to seven weeks of work
  • Required attendance at one of four workshops on job and life skills, and a civic engagement workshop
  • Optional Behind-the-Scenes Workshop and weekly social meetings on Tuesday nights

Job Description

  • Visitor Services Assistant: Greet visitors and assist them with all aspects of customer service to ensure a smooth and positive Aquarium experience including offering educational information on the exhibits.

Application Requirements

The internship application process varies on two factors: where you live and whether you have previously held an internship position. Please read the information very carefully to determine how you need to apply.

Applications are closed for Summer 2022.
  1. Two-Step Application Process

    For Boston Residents Only

    1. Boston teens are paid through one of two programs and must complete one of the following:

    • A select few positions will be offered through the PIC program. Please speak with your PIC officer on how to apply in this way.

    2. Based on previous New England Aquarium Teen Internship experience, complete one of the following steps

  2. Two-Step Application Process

    For Cambridge Residents Only

    1. Based on previous New England Aquarium Teen Internship experience, complete one of the following steps:

    2. Visit the Cambridge MSYEP website to register with the city program starting in April. Registering with the city allows you to be paid for your summer internship. Teens not registered with the city are not eligible for paid positions.


City of Residence Work
Hours Per Week Age City Funding Application


July 5–August 19





July 5–August 19





More Questions?

Please contact the Supervisor of Teen Programs at 617-973-6745 or email us at if you have additional questions.


This program is supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which receives support from the State of Massachusetts and the National Endowment for the Arts.