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Harold Pratt

Adjunct Scientist
Fisheries Science and Emerging Technologies Program, Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life


BS, Marine Fisheries Biology, U. Mass, Amherst 1968


Harold “Wes” Pratt is a retired NOAA scientist with a 50-year professional career studying the biology of sharks. While at NOAA, Wes first collaborated with New England Aquarium in the late 1970’s, collecting repeated measurements and studying feeding habits in two of the Aquarium’s sandbar sharks as part of a larger study on age and growth in this species that was published in 1985.

More recently, work with his colleagues Nick Whitney, Jeff Carrier, and Theo Pratt in the Florida Keys since 1991 has resulted in cutting-edge research into the reproduction and mating behavior of the nurse shark. Their efforts have revealed previously unknown and unexpected facets of complex behavior in these fascinating but poorly understood reef predators.


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