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Sarah Tempesta

Manager, Interactive Exhibits
Animal Care


BS, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, University of Rhode Island


Sarah Tempesta is the manager of the Interactive Exhibits team. Her team is responsible for the care of a wide range of animals within the Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank, Edge of the Sea seahorse exhibit, West Wing live mangrove and coral exhibits, shark and ray rearing programs, and headstart turtle programs.

Sarah started with the New England Aquarium in 2012 as an aquarist. Since then, her career has primarily been focused on breeding and rearing benthic sharks and rays. She has helped raise three species of shark and four species of ray. In addition to caring for these animals within the Aquarium’s exhibits, Sarah and her team have provided more than 100 of these animals to at least 30 different institutions. As a manager, Sarah now guides her team on animal behavior, life support operations, and thorough record-keeping to ensure the highest quality of animal welfare.



Behind the Scenes with Our Animal Care Team

At the Aquarium and in our Animal Care Center in Quincy, our team provides exceptional day-to-day support for the animals in our care, managing their diet, providing enrichment sessions, and much more.