If you plan to create or update a will, trust, or other estate plan, we hope you will consider including a gift for the New England Aquarium as part of your plans. Bequests are simple, revocable gifts that help you live your values today, and may enable you to reduce or avoid estate taxes, and meet other personal and financial goals.

Each year, the Aquarium is honored to receive bequests from forward-looking supporters, and each of these gifts is a unique legacy. Your bequest can support the Aquarium’s mission and help to inspire awe, curiosity, understanding, caring and action for our blue planet for years to come.

The Legacy Society honors individuals who have created a gift for the Aquarium in their plans. If you have included the Aquarium in your will or estate plans, we hope you will notify is so that we can convey our gratitude.

Thank you for considering a bequest to the New England Aquarium in your plans. We are grateful for your support.

Please contact Margaret Phan, Individual Giving Officer, at 617-226-2145 or for more information or to notify us of your gift.


Unrestricted Bequests are especially helpful to the Aquarium because they may be applied to the highest priority need at the time they are received, and enable the Aquarium to plan confidently for the future, including our on-going operating and programming costs, as well as unforeseen needs and opportunities.

Your bequest may be expressed as a specific sum of money, a specific percentage of your estate, or a specific item or asset.

Other types of bequests include:
  • Designated (Restricted) Bequest – A gift that is restricted for a specific program or purpose or designated for current use, which makes the entire gift available for use immediately.
  • Residuary Bequest – A gift of all or a portion of the remainder of the donor’s assets after all other bequests have been made as well as debts and taxes paid.
  • Contingent Bequest – A gift in a will made on the condition of a certain event that might or might not happen. A contingent bequest is specific and fails if the condition is not made.


Make the New England Aquarium a full or partial beneficiary of your IRA, life insurance policy, or other financial account. A gift by beneficiary designation is often as simple as naming the organization on a Beneficiary Designation Form from your plan administrator. The New England Aquarium’s tax ID # is 04-2297514.

Include the Aquarium as a beneficiary of your trust. Many estate plans include a trust, such as a revocable family trust, or charitable remainder trust, which may include a gift to the Aquarium.

Add the Aquarium to your existing plans by codicil. A codicil is a simple instrument that allows you to add the Aquarium to your existing plans.

Questions? Please contact Margaret Phan, Giving Officer, at 617-226-2145 or for more information or to notify us of your gift.

The information above is not intended as legal or financial advice. We encourage you to discuss these giving options with your own attorney and other qualified advisors when determining if a gift by will or estate plan may be right for you.