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Aquarium Admission

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Aquarium and Simons Theatre Combo Ticket

Have the full Aquarium experience with a visit to our immersive exhibits packaged with a 3D film in our newly renovated Simons Theatre, reopening February 15. Combo tickets can be reserved in advance. Buy tickets

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Aquarium and Behind-the-Scenes Tour Combination

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Myrtle the green sea turtle

Aquarium and Meet Myrtle Encounter Combination

Meet Myrtle the green sea turtle, our most famous resident, and get a deeper understanding of her home—the Aquarium’s sparkling, four-story centerpiece, the Giant Ocean Tank. Buy tickets

harbor seal with mouth open

Aquarium and Meet and Greet the Harbor Seals

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the harbor seal exhibit and a chance to interact with the seals. Buy tickets

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Aquarium and Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Marine Mammal Center Combination

Go behind the scenes of the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center with one of our marine mammal trainers and learn what it takes to keep these charismatic marine animals happy and healthy. Buy tickets

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Boston CityPASS

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Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker

NEW! Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker

Running time: 4o min.

Between a jagged cliff face and a roaring ocean lives one of the rarest marine mammals on the planet, the Australian sea lion. This immersive 3D documentary explores the heart-warming tale of a sea lion pup named Otto, who, while coming of age, encounters giant humpback whales, cunning cuttlefish, great white sharks, and the Australian park ranger on a mission to save the species. Buy Tickets.

poster artwork for IMAX film Australia's Great Wild North

Australia’s Great Wild North: The Wildest Place You’ve Never Seen

Running time: 39 minutes

Journey to a wilderness teeming with ancient life, both ferocious and adorable, in an epic adventure to one of the Earth’s most remote wetlands and the oldest rainforest on the planet in Australia’s Great Wild North. Shaped by the awesome forces of nature, this wild land has been cared for by its indigenous population for at least 50,000 years with respect and stewardship that we can all learn from. Buy tickets.

Turtle Odyssey film poster

Turtle Odyssey

Running time: 42 min.

In Turtle Odyssey, follow the journey of a spry young green sea turtle as it traverses the open ocean and then migrates back to the very beach where it was born, encountering extraordinary creatures along the way. Buy tickets.

Oceans: Our Blue Planet

Running time: 40 minutes

The glittering oceans contain profound mysteries beneath the waves, and Oceans: Our Blue Planet reveals those breathtaking stories from the deep. From athletic dolphins at play to a clever octopus hiding in plain sight, explore the dramatic events and intimate lives of the ocean’s most extraordinary creatures. Through these encounters, we’ll also discover how we all depend on the health of our oceans, the largest environment on Earth. Buy tickets.

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New England Aquarium Whale Watch

Join our crew of experienced naturalists and discover the world’s largest mammals, the great whales. View schedule & purchase tickets