The Aquarium combines education, engagement, and action to address the most challenging problems facing the oceans. Through a wide variety of educational programs and conservation initiatives, we make a lasting impact globally.

We rely on our dedicated staff, volunteers, and donors to support these efforts. You are invited to get involved!

Diver feeding a ray

Work with Us

We hire for a broad range of positions, from jobs that involve extensive interaction with the public to jobs in research and conservation, animal husbandry, operations, finance, human resources, marketing and communications, development, and education.

Volunteer with children at the tidepool

Become a Volunteer

The benefits of volunteering at the Aquarium are extensive—membership, free passes, Whale Watch tickets, IMAX tickets, and more. And, of course, volunteers receive the satisfaction of helping the Aquarium achieve its mission.

scientist study sea turtles behind the scenes

Intern at the Aquarium

An Aquarium internship is a great way for college students and recent college graduates to gain valuable experience learning all aspects of our work, including veterinary services, animal husbandry, exhibit design, and operational aspects of running a large cultural institution.

Two live blue ambassadors pulling invasive plants from the river.

Make a Difference

Use your power as a citizen to engage with your community—whether school, neighborhood, business, or place of worship—and vote with the environment in mind. By coming together as communities, we can have a positive impact on our world, and keep our oceans healthy for future generations.

  1. Become a Member

    Joining the Aquarium as a member is a great way to support the Aquarium’s mission. Aquarium members also receive special perks, including IMAX tickets and the exclusive opportunity to be part of the New England Aquarium Dive Club! Learn more about membership at the Aquarium.

  2. Donate to the Aquarium

    People like you can make a difference to the world’s oceans. Your financial support helps us develop exceptional exhibits, and education, conservation, and research programs. Explore the many giving opportunities at the Aquarium.

  3. Corporate Memberships and Sponsorships

    Our corporate partners enjoy a full host of membership benefits as well as added visibility and recognition at a leading Boston cultural institution. Learn more about Corporate Membership and Sponsorships.

Connect With Us

There are many ways to engage with the Aquarium online! Sign up for SeaMail for your monthly dose of fun happenings and behind-the-scenes news found in our monthly email. Stay current on the ever-changing life of Aquarium explorers and exhibits with regular blog updates about everything from fur seal videos to penguin knees to Fiji expeditions.

Contact Us

Find contact information for key departments at the Aquarium, including reservations, Simons Theatre, membership, job and internship opportunities, press inquiries, and more.

How the Aquarium Makes a Difference

Explore the ways the Aquarium is making a lasting impact in communities near and far. Learn about our crucial research and conservation work at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life. Thousands of families are exposed to these initiatives through our Community Outreach Programs, perhaps gaining a new appreciation for our blue planet and understanding how individuals can make a difference.