It’s important for all of us to look for ways to make a difference beyond our own households.

Use your power as a citizen to engage with your community—whether school, neighborhood, business, or place of worship—and vote with the environment in mind. By coming together as communities, we can have a positive impact on our world, and keep our oceans healthy for future generations.

Join people like you in actively supporting community-based efforts:

  • Conserve energy
    • Reduce energy use for electricity by installing automatic light switches that turn off lights when a room is empty, and using power strips to turn off appliances when they are not in use.
    • Reduce energy use for heating and cooling by installing programmable thermostats, using ceiling fans instead of air conditioners, making sure equipment is maintained for optimal efficiency, insulating water heaters, and planting shade trees near windows with eastern or southern exposure.
    • As a city, Boston is changing its street lamps to LED lights, which will result in almost $3 million in annual savings. 
  • Support alternative transportation
    • Join community efforts to expand options for alternative transportation – including public transportation, the creation of designated bike lanes, or bike-sharing programs.
    • The Hubway bike-sharing program now includes Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville.
    • The city of Chicago’s climate action plan incorporates improvements in public transit, bicycling, walking, car sharing, energy-efficient vehicles, and the development of transit-oriented neighborhoods. 
  • Participate in conservation programs
    • Get involved in community efforts, such as coastal habitat restoration projects in the Live Blue Ambassador and Live Blue Service programs.
    • Think—and act—globally and locally! Join a local environmental organization and support global conservation efforts.