Proud Host Committee Member for The Earthshot Prize

By New England Aquarium on Thursday, November 03, 2022

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The Earthshot Prize Boston 2022 Host Committee BadgeThe New England Aquarium is proud to be a member of the host committee for The Earthshot Prize, Boston 2022.

As a host committee member, we will be spotlighting our Downtown Waterfront for All initiative which seeks to empower Boston residents to lead and serve as citizen educators on resiliency and accessibility issues on the downtown waterfront.

“We are honored to be part of the Earthshot Prize and help support individuals who are innovating and reimagining solutions to some of our biggest challenges, like the impact climate change is having on our ocean,” said Aquarium President & CEO Vikki N. Spruill. “At the New England Aquarium, we see firsthand the effects the warming ocean is having on animals and habitats, and that rising sea levels are having on our waterfront and coastlines. We are committed to helping support new bluetech startups with scalable solutions that enhance ocean health, sustainable ocean industry, and global resilience, and to working for an accessible, welcoming, and climate resilient downtown waterfront for Boston to help ensure a healthy planet for future generations.”

Inspired by President Kennedy’s bold and unifying “Moonshot” goal to reach the moon within a decade, The Earthshot Prize’s vision is to harness that same spirit of human ingenuity and collaboration and apply it to the most pressing challenge we face—repairing and restoring our planet.

As a global initiative, The Earthshot Prize is designed to incentivize ground-breaking and positive solutions to help repair our planet by 2030.

In celebrating the most ingenious solutions to the urgent environmental crisis, The Earthshot Prize aims to inspire people around the world about humankind’s ability to solve seemingly impossible challenges and provide people everywhere with optimism and confidence that change is possible.

The prize is centred around five Earthshots—simple yet ambitious goals underpinned by scientifically agreed targets. These goals are to protect and restore nature, clean our air, revive our oceans, build a waste free world, and fix our climate.

As a fitting tribute to the 60th anniversary of President Kennedy’s inspirational “Moonshot” speech and to celebrate Boston given its own work on addressing the impacts of climate change, The Earthshot Prize is partnering with the JFK Library Foundation alongside Mayor Wu and the City of Boston to host the Awards ceremony in Boston, MA, in early December, where the 2022 winners of The Earthshot Prize will be announced.

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