There are three species of seadragons in the world—leafy (Phycodurus eques), weedy (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus), and the recently discovered ruby (Phyllopteryx dewysea). The New England Aquarium’s seadragon exhibit houses weedy seadragons and nearly 25 additional species of invertebrates and fishes that naturally coexist with seadragons in their habitat—Australia’s temperate reefs.

The weedy seadragons use their exceptional camouflage to hide from hungry predators. Challenge yourself. How many seadragons can you find during your visit?

weedy seadragon swimming through its exhibit


Seadragons live in Australia’s temperate reef, and our exhibit displays a little slice of this unique habitat. Unlike tropical coral reefs, these temperate reefs are dominated by seaweeds, boulders, and soft corals. Aquarium artists hand made and painted the extremely realistic artificial rocks and corals in this exhibit.

The 2,000-gallon seadragon exhibit is located on the second level of the New England Aquarium.

People looking at the sea dragon exhibit