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Dr. Jessica Redfern

Jessica V. Redfern, PhD

Associate Vice President
Ocean Conservation Science, Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life


PhD, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; University of California, Berkeley, 2002


Dr. Jessica Redfern is the Associate Vice President of Ocean Conservation Science at the New England Aquarium’s Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life. The Anderson Cabot Center is the New England Aquarium’s dedicated research arm and uses science, policy, and market-based solutions to promote ocean-friendly practices and protect marine species and habitats. The center’s Ocean Conservation Science is comprised of four programs that: 1) lead research and conservation efforts on the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale; 2) use cutting-edge technology to investigate critical fisheries issues; 3) assess risks to marine species from human activities and climate change; and 4) use an integrated approach to assessing wildlife health. Jessica develops cetacean-habitat models and uses predictions from these models to assess risk to cetaceans. Her current projects include assessing the risk of ships striking whales, identifying oceanographic features associated with areas of high marine mammal diversity, and understanding the potential effects of wind energy development on marine mammals.

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