At the top of the Giant Ocean Tank, the Yawkey Coral Reef Center offers fascinating exhibits and intimate views of coral reef inhabitants. 

At the top of the Giant Ocean Tank, a glass railing maximizes everyone’s view of many of the predators swimming high in the water column.

Visitors can easily recognize creatures resting on the tank’s bottom more than 24 feet below. That exceptional viewing is enhanced by a theatrical quality lighting system that is built into a beautiful, blue, reflective ceiling dome that helps to create a greater underwater ambience throughout the space.

The exhibit gallery on the same level showcases reef biodiversity and gives visitors a closer look at a hidden world filled with unique coral reef animals, like batfish and the fascinating dwarf seahorses. 

Frogfish swimming in its tank

Ocellated Frogfish

A master or camouflage, frogfish are great ambush predators. The ocellated frogfish is an aggressive predator, yet leads a relatively sedentary lifestyle outside of hunting. you may find this fish hovering amongst the coral or “walking” along the exhibit’s seafloor.

Long-Spined Sea Urchin

These small invertebrates creep along corals, grazing on algae that can smother corals. Their presence helps keep corals strong and healthy. The population was nearly wiped out by a fungal infection 30 years ago, and is struggling to recover in the Caribbean.

The Yawkey Coral Reef Center is named in grateful recognition of Tom and Jean Yawkey and the foundations they established.