The 42,000-gallon harbor seal exhibit is located outside on the Front Plaza, to the left of the Aquarium’s front doors.



Two families of harbor seals live in the Aquarium’s exhibit. Each seal looks different and has a distinct personality. Photographs and descriptions help visitors identify the individual seals.

Many people still remember Hoover, the Aquarium’s famous talking harbor seal. Hoover could say several phrases, including “how are you?” and “come over here.” Hoover passed away in 1985, but his grandson Chacoda is now learning to say some phrases as well.

seal pops out of water to examine camera


The harbor seal exhibit is a slice of the New England rocky coast, which is a typical habitat for Atlantic harbor seals. The Aquarium’s seals play in deep, cool water and then haul out on the rocky outcrops for a snooze or a sunbath.

The harbor seals exhibit is the only exhibit you can actually visit before you buy your Aquarium ticket. Watch the seals swim, play, and sleep, and learn more about them during a free training session.

girl laughs at the site of a seal