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People photograph right whales surfacing on water

Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the Aquarium

Developing and implementing new solutions to protect our oceans and balance human impacts on them.

Animal Encounter
Myrtle the green sea turtle eating a leaf of lettuce

Meet Myrtle

This encounter gives you a deep understanding of her home—the New England Aquarium’s sparkling, four-story centerpiece, the Giant Ocean Tank.

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anaconda and vets during checkup

Anacondas Get Annual Checkups

What happens if your patient is too long for the X-ray table? Find out how all four of our anacondas get their routine yearly physicals.

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Great White Shark 3D

Great White Shark 3D

Get ready for a shark’s-eye view as you plunge straight into the underwater world of nature’s most renowned predator in Great White Shark 3D!

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