Discover the Science of Sharks!

Dive deep into the Science of Sharks with our newest exhibit.

Get up close to some small but mighty shark species from around the world. Hands-on activities illuminate the remarkable adaptations that give them an edge in the water, while The Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank lets you see — and feel! — these adaptations in action.

Meet the Sharks

Did you know there are about 500 shark species navigating nearly every ocean environment on our blue planet? Get up close and personal with a few members of this wildly diverse group of animals, both in our newest exhibit and in our shark and ray touch tank just a few steps away.

researcher checking tags on shark fin

Geek Out on Sharks

Shark science comes alive with inspiring videos featuring our researchers and their efforts to help sharks, while dazzling underwater footage featuring National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry transports you to stunning shark habitats. 

coral catshark

Touch Sharks in our Touch Tank

After you learn about the hydrodynamics of dermal denticles and sharks’ sixth sense, get a feel for the scratchy skin of a shark and the smooth skin of a cownose ray in The Trust Family Shark and Ray Touch Tank. The largest touch tank of its kind on the East Coast gets you up close to epaulette, coral cat, and zebra bullhead sharks.