Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Exhibit

Immerse yourself in all the colors of the sea and meet the residents of one of the ocean’s most happening neighborhoods.

Inside our new Indo-Pacific Coral Reef exhibit.

This exhibit showcases the vibrancy and richness of coral reef habitats and helps visitors understand a reef’s vital role in the lives of tropical fish, sea turtles, sharks, and thousands of marine animal species.  The Aquarium has been actively involved in studying and protecting coral reefs for many years throughout the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life. The work includes helping to create one of the largest marine protected areas in the Central Pacific, coral reef monitoring in the Red Sea and Mezo-American Reef off Central America, coral reef restoration programs, and field research on species like sea turtles and sharks that depend on coral reefs.

New at the Simons IMAX® Theatre

Experience 12,000 watts of digital sound and New England’s largest screen, all while exploring our blue planet in the most cinematic way imaginable. See remarkable animals and learn about conservation efforts underway to protect some of Earth’s most charismatic creatures.

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Hidden Pacific: Official Trailer

Hidden Pacific visits some of the Pacific Ocean’s most pristine islands and atolls, specks of land bursting with diversity. Explore jungles crawling with exotic animals before plunging beneath the ocean’s surface to see the abundance of marine life in the coral reefs. Learn the storied history of the islands and discover their current role as environmental research centers. Buy tickets.