Discover Life According to Fur Seals!

Watch frisky and flexible northern fur seals fly through the water and interact with their trainers on the decks of the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center.

The Aquarium is one of only three aquariums in the U.S. that cares for this remarkable species.

fur seal with logo

See fur seals up close, learn about their individual personalities, and discover some surprising facts about these über furry seals when you visit. Plus, get the scoop on how our researchers at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life are studying poop—yes, poop!—as they work to help protect this extraordinary species in the wild.


New at the Simons IMAX® Theatre

Experience 12,000 watts of digital sound and New England’s largest screen, all while exploring our blue planet in the most cinematic way imaginable. See remarkable animals and learn about conservation efforts underway to protect some of Earth’s most charismatic creatures.

Now Playing! Oceans: Our Blue Planet

Oceans: Official Trailer

The glittering oceans contain profound mysteries beneath the waves, and Oceans: Our Blue Planet reveals those breathtaking stories from the deep. From athletic dolphins at play to a clever octopus hiding in plain sight, explore the dramatic events and intimate lives of the ocean’s most extraordinary creatures. Through these encounters, we’ll also discover how we all depend on the health of our oceans, the largest environment on Earth.